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The observation
In 2016, my little family moved to Taipei. A big upheaval, the adaptation and the search for a link were our daily life during the first months, like any new expatriate! My two boys went to a French- English school and spoke English every day with their friends, while French was only used at home. It was a joy to hear them speak Frenglish! Fun the first few times but it quickly became worrying. This was compounded by questions like "What does it mean to look convenient?", "What is chandeleur?", "What does versatile mean?" I'm sure you've heard some great ones too! It was obvious that my children were losing their French culture.
My thought
While searching on the internet for ways to help my children maintain their French culture, I realised that many parents were facing the same problem and were looking for a solution to maintain this link with French culture. I found a lot of advice on maintaining French, the language as such, but nothing on French culture as a whole, for the children.

I wanted to offer my boys a simple and playful way to learn about French culture. I therefore set out to create something that would meet their needs and fit in with their habits, games, books and, admittedly, screens. So the idea of an edutainment video was born. I did a test. I made a video about René Descartes (I know, very ambitious) and I showed it to my boys, without telling them that I had made it. Their support was immediate: "It's great, where did you find it?" How proud I was, and how reassured. I had found the right way to introduce them to French culture. They immediately asked me for another one!
My solution
I then started to think about the concept, the brand, the design, the website...and my experience in marketing was a real plus, in addition to my experience as a mum! After a few months of work, C'est quoi la France? was born: the playful solution to keep expatriate children connected to French culture, with one video per week.
The mascots Tom and Alice explain, for example, where the madeleine comes from, what the Arc de Triomphe is, what "à contrecœur" means, how to queue in France ... in a fun way with vocabulary and themes adapted to 6-12 year olds.
The content of the video can be read and listened to, allowing both reading and pronunciation to be practiced.
They are more than just videos, they are also moments of exchange thanks to the questions at the end of each video. This allows the child and the parents to start a discussion.
It is thanks to my children that I have been able to create such accurate content: their help has been incredibly valuable and they are my daily source of inspiration.
But I have to admit that I didn't do it all by myself, I'd like to introduce you to all the people who made C'est quoi la France? successful :
The team
founder and
video director
who takes care of
the website
Laura Vessier-Bréau
Press Officer
school teacher
writes activity books and founder of
"L’école de Géraldine"
French teacher
Social media manager
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