to get your French culture off the ground
Have fun learning

A simple and regular way to transmit
French culture to children
between 6 and 12 years old
Alice ballon Tom
with Alice & Tom

Friendly characters who explain everything you want to know
about France

Discover a wide variety of subjects
personnage region expression

Food, cultural codes, expressions, emblematic places and monuments, famous people, traditions...

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C’est quoi la France ? it's …
Easy to use
No need to search 10 websites for information on French culture, C'est quoi la France ? explains French culture through 10 themes : famous people, inventions, gastronomy, cultural codes, civic education, vocabulary, expressions, geography, monuments and proverbs.
Validated by professionals
Two teachers validate the video scripts to ensure that they are appropriate for 6-12 year olds. Special attention is given to the choice of vocabulary.
A regular appointment
Every Saturday, you receive an email to let you know that a new video is available on your personal space on the C'est quoi la France ? website.
Regularity is the key to learning.
100% secure and ad-free
You watch the videos in your personal space on the C'est quoi la France ? website.
You are not distracted by other things.
They love

"I like the C'est quoi la France videos, I learn a lot! Mes vidéos préférées sont les inventions françaises. Je découvre beaucoup de détails. And it's great to be able to read at the same time."

Aurélien, 10 ans, Londres

"My students love C'est quoi la France? They look forward to Monday morning.
Thank you again for doing so much good to help our students' culture.
I can't wait until Monday to listen to the video in class!"

Carole, CE2 teacher at Lycée français of Kuala Lumpur

"It's easy to learn things
about France,
and the videos are nice."

Adrien, 12, Taipei
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Awaken your curiosity and open-mindedness with fun videos.



Discover French culture while having fun.



Develop your ability to communicate with new vocabulary.



Have a good time with your family on various topics.

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